Effective travel agency management

Travel agency management program «MoiTuristy» will help increase sales, increase employee productivity, improve and deepen control for a travel agency .

Daily management tasks travel agency with the program «MoiTuristy» will be resolved faster and more efficiently. The system not only automates accounting requests, orders, contracts, payments, but also:
- Securely stores your data in the & quot; cloud & quot ;, with multiple backups
- Increases the productivity of managers in all routine operations, such as printing contracts, invoices, reminders about cases, clients' birthdays, keeping the client from the moment of the first request
- Reporting is not required at all (all reporting for any period is built automatically for seconds)
- Significantly improves data analysis compared to any Excel-like accounting. In reports in & quot; My Tourists & quot; the head can see not only sales, but also the sources of orders, the productivity of individual employees, income by country or tour operator, calculation of managers' bonuses and much more
- Built-in marketing tools (e-mail, SMS, single SMS, automatic tourist notifications, birthday reminders, etc.) improve your with customers, and increase their loyalty

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