Travel agency automation

What is a CRM system in the field of tourism
Well-organized work is important for a travel agency. Automation in tourism is a multifaceted issue. The more processes are automated, the less time is spent on routine and more attention will be paid for quality work with clients.
It is very good when the automation of the tourism business becomes relevant from the moment it started. This allows you to immediately lay the foundation for the proper organization of work, which will ultimately bring high business results.
The main relationship with a travel agency - with tour operators and tourists who are clients of a travel agency. Automating the work of a travel agency is to maximize interact effectively with both the former and the latter. This function can take over and qualitatively perform CRM system.
CRM MoiTuristy has all the necessary functionality to work with customers: storage of customers and orders, keeping an order from the moment of the tourist's application until his return from vacation, fixing of payments, calendar of cases and reminders, integration with IP telephony, sending e-mail and SMS mailings, reporting and much more. Tour operators are the suppliers of tours that are sold to tourists. Not to look for tours on sites of different tour operators in CRM MoiTuristy integrated professional tour search Turskaner. It allows you to conveniently and quickly find suitable offers for customers.
Automation of tourist activity also consists in the convenient conclusion of the contract with the tourist. To do this in CRM MoiTuristy added recommended contracts of all key tour operators - required the data will be pulled up in the necessary contract automatically. It is very convenient and saves a lot of time.
Be sure to use the functionality of e-mail and SMS mailings - this is an effective tool with a competent approach. Send the most relevant mailings to different categories of tourists and receive new orders from already existing customers.
Full automation of the tourism business is possible only with a system of reminders of important events: when tourists fly away, when they return, who came back yesterday, who has a birthday soon, who needs it to remind about the expiration of the passport. All this and much more is already in the CRM functionality MoiTuristy.
Automate the activities of your travel agency and be sure to receive dividends in the form of growth orders and profits.
What can CRM
—  unify all work processes - any change in schedule or change of employees will occur painlessly
—  Contribute to the successful planning of advertising campaigns, marketing goals and overall firm development strategies
—  Remind managers what to look out for (for example, tell the customer what to do) it expires passport)
—  do sms and mail directly from the system
—  in case of re-application show on the screen who is calling and open the file instantly tourist
—  present detailed statistics of orders and sold services
—  determine the extent of the manager's contribution to sales and calculate the premium