Video about the system

Plugin for CRM MoiTuristy

With our plugin you can:
  • - Import bookings from online websites of essential tour operators to MoiTuristy CRM with a single click.
  • - Automatically fill in the tourists' passport data on the booking pages of essential TO.
Плагин устанавливается в браузере Google Chrome. Click the "Go to Chrome store" button to proceed to its installation.
Video about the plugin you can watch on our YouTube channel
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You have tried MoiTuristy and are ready to start deploying? Then we recommend you to do the following:
Step 1.
Print instruction for managers . It explains why the manager's work will become easier, and at the same time more efficient. It also lists simple rules for working with the system.

Step 2.
For the first month simply recommend managers to use the system. But explain that from the next month, bonuses will be calculated in proportion to their contribution to the sale, that is, based on the actions entered into MoiTuristy.

Step 3.
At the end of the first month, summarize the results, point out mistakes and remind them once again that taking action affects their income.


There's a training course on the new version of MoiTuristy CRM coming soon!
Have a successful deployment and good results!
If you need any advice or help, feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to help.