CRM for large agencies and networks

Our clients include large companies with hundreds of offices and dozens of managers in one office. Such travel agencies often use third-party software for bookkeeping, call center, site management, and it requires integration with CRM system. There are also highly specialized airline ticket companies, on inbound tourism, on medical, corporate tourism and others.
Opportunities & quot; MoiTuristy & quot; have been expanded to meet the needs of such large and specialized customers. But in order to leave the program easy to learn and use, we do not include these default functions for all clients.
Hidden Opportunities
—  Automation of several travel agency offices, sometimes in different regions.
—  Work of the company simultaneously from several legal entities, SP, SPD (soon).
—  Sales types and order scenarios sometimes require change.
—  Integration with call-center.
—  Automatically add CRM orders from any source, and more.
These are just some of the features not available in the base version. Contact us and tell us about yours needs. We will include the appropriate features in your account.
CRM Installation
CRM installation & laquo; MoiTuristy & raquo; to your server
To the cost of the license, which in this case is paid once, are added the cost of the system administration, rent of the own server, and also work on updating of versions of the program on yours server. This is more expensive than using a cloud solution. But if you are a large and system company, then this is it can be the right decision. Costs may also be justified for networks of franchised agencies.
Finishing the program for your business processes
If you need features that are not in "My Tourists", we can develop for you individual version CRM systems. For example, integrate with existing software and authorization system managers, prepare a white label solution for a network of agencies and more. Together with your specialists we will analyze business processes, write and agree on terms of reference and develop yours individual version of CRM.
Advanced Features